Department Covid-19 Supplies Request


This form is for departments to request Covid-19 related products.

Central Stores stocks several products specifically related to Covid-19.  These items are available at no charge to departments and are ordered by using this form.

Please do not purchase sanitizing products and PPE without using this request form.

If you would like COVID-19 related products that are not shown on this form, those items may be requested through the Procurement and Contracts Office by contacting Riki Ellis at  Requests will be reviewed for alignment with CARES Act funding and, if allowable, will be ordered and purchased by Purchasing & Contracts.  Purchases under Cares Act funding are being managed centrally, through Procurement & Contracts, to maximize control and accountability of those funds. If departments purchase supplies on their own, those costs will not be covered by Cares Act funding.

If you have questions or need assistance, please email the risk manager by clicking the button below.

Department Reopening Supplies Request