Request for Help from Procurement:

If you need help from Procurement, please use this link: 

Under Service Categories to the left of the page, click Contracts and…  

To the right, choose the icon for service you need from Procurement, for example:

Contract/ Agreement Review:  Use this to request help in creating, updating or clarifying how to work with a particular vendor.  Provide the details in the request and upload any documents that would help the process.

Purchasing Requisition Notification:  After you place a REQ in Banner, use this link to notify your budget authority the request is waiting for their approval.  Once it is approved, Procurement will be notified of the approval and will process the PO.  Load any documentation related to the REQ into the request for easy approval and PO creation.

Software License Review:  You can use this icon if your request is dealing with IT hardware or software.  IT will review the request through this link.

If you have any questions, please call us:  Lindsay McKay – x6055; Vergel Dancel – x6989; Kellen Beam - x6804; Michelle Rasmussen – x6448