Marketing & Communications (MarCom) coordinates placement of ALL print, billboard, web, radio and TV advertisements for Eastern Washington University.  MarCom has the responsibility and authority to review and approve/disapprove requests for advertising.

No advertisements may be reserved or placed without first going through MarCom. 

Contact MarCom at (509) 359-6336 or (509) 359-6489

Lead times should be at least:

  • one week for a print ad in a daily, weekly or monthly newspaper
  • two weeks for radio placements
  • three weeks for TV spot placements

If a department has a pre-existing print, radio or TV ad, all copy and design will be reviewed as quickly as possible by MarCom prior to authorization. Quality control measures will be taken to ensure that the material meets standards and that the messages and images portrayed meet the mission of the university.

MarCom will coordinate with a media buyer vendor, Chapter and Verse, who will provide and obtain the best advertising opportunities and excellent rates. Chapter and Verse will work with MarCom on all aspects of production and placement of the ads including space reservation, price negotiations, writing and design and/or production. Identity standards will be adhered to with use of logos, fonts, colors and university key messages.

Classified ads (e.g. position openings) are coordinated through Human Resources by calling (509) 359-2384.