All EWU students are required to submit proof of immunization (or an approved waiver) by Wednesday, Oct. 23. The verification of immunization must be complete before the beginning of priority registration for winter quarter. Students who do not upload their records into the Med+Proctor system prior to registration will have a hold placed on their account.

Under a new policy announced in the spring, students will need to provide documentation that shows that they have received two doses of MMR vaccine, or have taken a blood test showing MMR immunity. Current students who need the MMR vaccine can get it for free at MultiCare Rockwood. The MMR titer blood test is an $8 co-pay. Call 509.235.6151 to make an appointment.

The following are accepted documents to prove immunity:

  • School certificate of immunizations
  • Immunization records from healthcare provider
  • Child immunization card
  • Military immunization record
  • Signed proof of immunity form
  • MMR titer blood test results

Once students have the necessary document(s), they should register with EWU’s partner, Med+Proctor, using their EWU Eagles email. Individuals requesting exemption from the requirement may fill out an exemption-request in the Med+Proctor system.

Uploading EWU-required immunization documents into Med+Proctor is free. Students will be asked if they would like to sign up for an optional $10 membership to have Med+Proctor store and maintain their records for future access; this is not required. Do not fax or email records to EWU.

Please refer to the FAQ on the Health, Wellness and Prevention Services website for more information. You can also call their office at 509.359.4279.