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While most of the Eastern Washington University campus is quiet during the summer break, something exciting is happening over at Roos Field. The new turf has arrived and is being installed this week. You’ll surly notice the bright pop of red the next time you drive along Washington Street.

The original red turf reached its max lifespan of ten years last season and required replacement. Eastern was able to use the first installment of a generous $5 million pledge to the EWU Stadium Renovation Project to purchase and install the new turf.

The Inferno is also getting a fresh new design, which was picked by Eagle Nation. Earlier this summer, EWU hosted a five-day, online vote to allow fans to weigh in on a new design. The university presented four options—all red of course—and held a “Your $, Your Vote” contest online. In addition to giving people a chance to pick the new design, each vote helped Eastern raise $9,336 for student-athlete scholarships.

The winning field features a newly updated design with end zones that spell out “Eastern” on one side and “Eagles” on the other.

You can continue to support Eastern student-athletes—and get yourself a piece of EWU football history—by purchasing a piece of the retired red turf. EWU is selling sections ranging from doormat size to tailgate size. Prices start at only $20. Click the link below to learn more and order yours today. The sale ends on July 31, so act quickly!

Proceeds of the red turf sale benefit the Eagle Athletic Fund, which plays a vital role in enhancing the lives of more than 300 student-athletes through scholarship support, building and maintaining first-class facilities, and funding all 14 sports programs.

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