When Eastern Washington University celebrates homecoming—the whole town of Cheney celebrates homecoming. To show their Eagle Pride, the Cheney Merchants Association is hosting something new for homecoming this year: Eagle Eats Week.

The idea is similar to Spokane’s annual Restaurant Week—but with added Eagle flare. During the week of Eagle Family Homecoming, Monday, Oct. 7 through Sunday, Oct. 13, several Cheney area restaurants are serving up EWU themed meals.

Barrelhouse Pub & Pizza


Eagle’s Pub

Marketplace Bakery

The Mason Jar


“I fell in love with the idea,” says Holly Musgrave from Marketplace Bakery. “I love restaurant week in Spokane and I just thought it was a great thing to bring to Cheney. It’s a great way to promote local businesses and Eastern together.”

Marketplace Bakery is one of six Cheney restaurants taking part. Holly Musgrave, co-owner and an Eagle alumna, created the Inferno Burger for this week’s menu. The giant burger, topped with jalapeno poppers, habanero cheddar and bacon, then wrapped in fry bread and deep fried, has a special inspiration.

“When they first came out with the red turf they had an awesome t-shirt that said ‘Welcome to the Inferno Where the Blood Doesn’t Show,’” she says. “This burger is kind of a play on those words because you get the heat but you don’t see it, it’s all internal.”

Eagle Eats Week doesn’t have the same strict structure as Spokane’s Restaurant Week. There are no set prices and no menu rules. Some restaurants are making special dishes for the week, while others want to give potential new customers the chance to see what they’re offering every day.

“It will be nice to be able to showcase what we do,” says Barrelhouse Pub and Pizza owner Mike Lyon. “We do make our own bread, our own meatballs, our own dough—it’s all fresh made. I’d really like to expose more people from out of the area to another quality restaurant to go to.”

For the Eagle Eats Week menu at Barrelhouse, Lyon put together meal combos designed for two people, each at a discounted price of $25. The combos can be customized and each is designed to give the diner a taste of multiple menu items that are favorites among Cheney locals.

The participating restaurant owners agree, Eagle Eats Week is not only a great way for the Cheney community to help celebrate Homecoming, but it’s also a great way for visitors to discover what we already know—Cheney is a great town.

“I want them to see the potential in Cheney as a cute college town,” says Douglas LaBar, owner of The Mason Jar. He hopes this week will show EWU students, their parents and Eastern football fans that there is more to Cheney beyond the first two stoplights. “You want Cheney to be special, so going out and investing in small little places that you can only find in Cheney makes it interesting and makes it special.”

Eagle Eats Week continues through the week and weekend, so you’ve got plenty of time to try the featured restaurants. They’re all within walking distance of campus and many will have extended hours for the Eagle Family Homecoming Bonfire and Pep Rally on Friday night and the football game on Saturday.

What a great way to support EWU and the Cheney community. Go Eags!