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Eastern Washington University offers our employees the option to have Form W-2 (Employee’s Wage and Tax Statement) electronically furnished as an alternative to receiving a paper form. The deadline for submitting your consent for an electronic Form W-2 is Jan. 21.

Signing up to receive your annual W-2 electronically can be done on EagleNET in five simple steps:

1. Select the Employee Tab
2. Select Tax Forms
3. Select Electronic W-2 Consent
4 .Check the box to consent to receive W-2 electronically
5. Then click Submit

Once consent is given, it remains in place until the employee changes the election. If you do not elect to receive your W-2 electronically, it is your responsibility to ensure your permanent address is correct in EagleNet.

All W-2 forms will be made available online, via EagleNET, by Jan. 31.

Please contact the Payroll Office at 509.359.2325 with any questions.

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