Student Earns $5,000 SPEEA Scholarship: More Award Opportunities To Come

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Eduardo Harboe, a senior majoring in mechanical engineering, recently received a $5,000 scholarship from SPEEA, a professional aerospace union.

Harboe’s award is part of a series of scholarships committed to help Eastern students, who are interested in aerospace careers. SPEEA will provide $5,000 scholarships each year for the next four years. If any of those Eastern students need funds to help with childcare expenses, SPEEA will provide additional $5,000 childcare scholarships.

Eduardo Harboe showcased his senior capstone project for engineering last Fall.

In addition to providing millions of dollars in scholarships to students throughout the nation, SPEEA also offers mentoring and classes for students interested in aerospace careers. The mentoring and classes are open to all students interested in aerospace careers, not just the scholarship recipients.

“I have been participating in and enjoying the extra trainings offered, all of which are orientated towards helping students successfully find a career outside of college,” Harboe said.

Another benefit to program, Harboe said, is forming connections to industry professionals who provide mentorship and have the potential to become lifelong allies.

“There is little aerospace here in Spokane, but if I ever want a change, SPEEA ACE can provide a foot in the door to a meaningful career.”

As a next act, Harboe and a fellow mechanical engineering friend, who was just hired on at The Boeing Co., have submitted their senior capstone project to the Eagles Startup Challenge, hosted by Eastern Washington University, and the Dempsey Startup Challenge, hosted by the University of Washington. 

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