New Visual Theme For SAP Concur Solutions

The university will be updating the visual theme of the signed-in web experience for SAP Concur solutions, an expense management system, starting Monday, Oct. 2.

After that date, the next time you sign into your SAP Concur account, you will see a refreshed look and feel. With the update, you’ll also get:

· Improved design consistency
· Inclusive, accessible design for everyone
· Light mode, dark mode, and high contrast theme options

(To learn more about the updates and to see it in action, check out this demo video.)

How do I change my SAP Concur visual theme setting on the web?

To change your SAP Concur visual theme setting on the web after Oct. 2, follow these steps:
1. After signing into Concur Solutions, go to Profile Settings.
2. Under Profile Options, click System Settings.
3. Under Appearance Settings, use the drop-down to select your preferred theme and click Save.

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