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The department of Mechanical Engineering & Technology invites you to attend the Mechanical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering Technology Capstone Expo. The showcase will be held on Wednesday, Nov. 30, from 2-4 p.m. in the CEB Lobby. Please join us to celebrate student achievement and enjoy some refreshments.

The Capstone Expo showcases the culminating projects of students from the Mechanical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering Technology programs. Fall quarter’s projects will feature the four teams below and a description of each is attached. Here are the projects that will be showcased in the upcoming capstone:

  • Continuously Variable Bicycle Transmission (CVBT)
  • Team Members: Benjamin LaBarre, Jason Amor, Kyle Larson, Lucy Mitchum, Michael Ko 

The Continuously Variable Bicycle Transmission (CVBT) is a concept that can provide an alternative to standard bicycle gear shifting. Within the CVBT range, it allows the rider to adjust the bicycle speed to match their preferred pedaling rhythm, as well as change between speeds smoothly without disturbing pedaling rhythm. The effective gear range of our CVBT was designed to have a similar gear range to common commuter bicycles, ranging from a low of 1: 0.8, for climbing mild hills, to a high of 1: 2.8. Our current design allows for maintenance and easy adjustments to be made for testing the proof-of-concept. Going forward, the current housing would need to be redesigned if we were to go beyond proof of concept. As a result, we created a functional proof-of-concept that transfers power from the pedals to the wheels and shifts along a continuous domain. This project paves the way for development and design optimizations to be made in the future. 

  • Composting Shredder
  • Team Members: Kushal Basnet, Michael Hopkins, Mickenzie Kinney, Nicholas Piland, Ray Sanford 

The Comp-Shredder designed by our capstone team, GS Engineering (Generating Sustainability), is used in our mentor’s home garden. The Comp-Shredder is a piece of home garden equipment that combines the processes of shredding lawn and garden waste and processing that waste into usable compost for the home garden. The two-in-one design includes a custom-built lawn and garden waste shredder and a commercial composting drum. The shredder unit has been modeled after an industrial shredder producing mid-range rpms with high torque capable of shredding tree branches up to two inches in diameter. The composting unit is fed by the shredder unit and consists of a commercially bought compost drum that has been mounted on a custom frame to allow for easy transport of the composted material. The completed prototype will simplify the home composting process and decrease the amount of home waste that is directed to landfills. GS Engineering hopes to encourage the use of equipment such as the Comp-Shredder as our world moves toward sustainable practices that ensure a brighter future for all. 

  • Snow Sweeper
  • Team Members: Dale Baker, Parker Bohlman, Tyler Morgan, Riley Jackson 

The electric snow sweeper attaches to the rear of a snowblower and cleans up the small amount of snow that is left over that the snowblower does not pick up. The sweeper can remove up to ½” of snow using a 250-watt electric motor with a 2-way directional switch and a speed control, and v-belt type brushes. The sweeper’s two small batteries can operate for one hour on a single charge and have a one-hour charging time. The sweeper can easily detach from the back of the snowblower in under a minute by pulling clevis pins and disconnecting electrical connectors. Furthermore, the entire system can be unbolted and collapsed upon itself to be put into a small storage space. 

  • Motorize-It Kit
  • Team Members: Dat Nguyen, Eric Jesberger, Jacob Hocking, Sean Cowley, Trevor Coy 

Many people may find working on cars to be a daunting task when first getting started. One of the things that deters people from working on cars is lack of experience and unfamiliarity with the different parts of cars. The Motorize-It Kit aims to fix this issue by providing a fun and interactive kit that teaches the basics of certain components in vehicles. The Motorize-It Kit will be a collection of modules that can be assembled around a range of objects to motorize them and make them into a go-kart. This kit has four main subsystems: the steering, the powertrain, the frame and the brakes. When the user assembles each module and combines them together, they will get hands-on experience with simplified car components. 

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