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The Welcome Desk is offering some tips for organizations and groups interested in using posters to promote events or opportunities.

The Welcome Desk approves postings for all of campus. The PUB and Housing buildings are the only areas of campus with staff that is responsible for hanging posters and taking them down.

In addition, the Welcome Desk can provide a list of campus bulletin boards where the organization/department is allowed to hang and remove posters themselves. Please email your poster digitally to for approval before printing. All unapproved posters will be taken down.

Things to know about postings:
1. No commercial solicitations are allowed. This means an external group is not allowed to post if they are promoting to sell or buy products, services, tickets, or memberships of any kind.
2. ADA statements are needed on all postings for events that take place on campus. Example: People needing accommodation should contact (name of individual responsible) at [insert phone number or email] by (inserted deadline, usually 5-7 days from event).
3. Event, date, time and location must be included on the posting.
4. Postings will be put up for up to 3 weeks at a time.
5. After approval, the number of postings to deliver is as follows: 3 in Pub, 48 in housing.
6. Table tents are an advertising option, up to 70 table tents are available per group and they follow the same instructions listed above. Up to 2 groups can reserve and utilize table tents in the PUB at a time.
7. Job posting must be approved through the Career Center before PUB approval

For sandwich board reservations:
1. Including lamination, the poster should not be larger than 2-foot by 3-foot,
2. There are 4 spaces available on each side of the PUB, available on a first come first served basis.
3. If you are using your own sandwich board, it cannot be placed on PUB property. You must go through our posting requirements first or it will be taken down.
4. If you want to keep the sign, you must notify the welcome desk at drop off.

Digital screens:
1. Go to the Information Technology website.
2. Follow the instructions to submit your request

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