Eastern Washington University has taken revolutionary steps to help make Canvas-based courses and course material more inclusive for all learners. Ally provides faculty indicators on the accessibility of course materials, and it converts the materials into different accessible formats for students to view/use.

For Faculty:

In your Canvas course, click one of the Ally Indicators—the color gauges next to your course files—to see how you can improve the accessibility of the file.

Ally provides faculty guidance on how to correct accessibility issues with your digital course content, which means your learning materials will work better on mobile phones and tablets as well as with assistive technologies. Ally makes no changes to your documents, but creates different accessible formats of files for student use.

Students benefit from Ally as they will be able to download “alternative formats” of your files by clicking the dropdown icon next to the file name, and choosing a version of the file most appropriate for their device and need.

For Students:

Ally allows you to download your course files in different formats. Next to your course files, you will find an icon for a dropdown menu. Simply click the icon, and select “Alternative Formats.” Choose the format that works best for you.

To learn more about Ally in your course, visit https://inside.ewu.edu/instructional-technology/instructional-technology-blog/ or contact Instructional Technology and Design at InstructionalTech@ewu.edu or 509.359.6656 with questions.