Public-Facing Dashboards:

Annual Fall Enrollment

For the Fall term you select, examine the overall headcount, average student age, and countires represented by our students. Main view includes a breakdown for eight different student categories (level, gender, residency, time, Pell recipient, first generation, athlete, veteran, international, & race / ethnicity.

To drill deeper into these data, click on any one of the bars or on any line of descriptive statistics. For example, clicking on the Undergraduate bar in the Student Level box will filter the rest of the dashboard to reflect only Undergraduates. Click on the same bar to reset the dashboard.

View the Annual Fall Enrollment Dashboard

Peer Institution Comparison

Compare and contrast Eastern Washington University with: Central Washington University, Montana State University, the University of Idaho, the University of Montana, Western Washington University, and Washington State University.

Main dashboard contains seven mini dashboards (enrollment, retention, graduation rate, underserved enrollment, Pell recipient, net price, and federal loans) each offering a five-year snapshot of EWU and each of the six peer comparison institutions.

View the Peer Institution Comparison Dashboard

Annual Fall-to-Fall Retention Rate

Examine different retention rates based on different student groups (type, race / ethnicity, gender, first generation, Pell recipient and Washington State residency.

An additional dropdown filter, Compare, allows head-to-head views in both the line graph and descriptive statistics.

View the Fall-to-Fall Retention Dashboard