How to Request Database Access and Changing Your Current Permissions:


1. Access The Request Form

The same form is used for requesting permissions changes. Make sure to: 1) Read the intro and the Reporting Security Guidelines, and 2) Put a checkmark in the β€œI have read and clearly understand…” box after you have fully read and understand the Reporting Security Guidelines and agree to all terms.

For now, skip over the Purpose box. You will need to come back and thoroughly explain your business need for student data requests found in any of the available reporting databases: Accounts Receivable, Finance Data, Financial Data, Human Resources and Payroll, or Student Data.

Access Request Form Login to Argos!

2. Requesting Access To A Database

Important! Nearly everyone will find the data they need in the Reporting Database Access – Student Data database.

First, click the Access Request Form button and put a check the box in the Reporting Database Access – Student Data container. Next, select Student Data in the dropdown menu. Finally, select Non-Sensitive Data and/or Sensitive Data.

Note: Pell Grant eligibility and recipient data are located in Sensitive Data

Access Request Form Login to Argos!

3. Sensitive or Non-Sensitive Student Data?

If you select the Non-Sensitive Data option only, go back to the top of the form and clearly explain your business need (provide as much information as possible) in the Purpose box. When the form is filled out completely, click the orange Place Request button to submit.

If you select the Sensitive Data option, you will also need to clearly explain your business need in the Purpose box specific to checking any of the relevant checkboxes: Address / Phone, Bank Account, Disability, Medical, Other Personal, and/or Social Security Number. If requesting Federal Pell Grant Eligibility data, check the Other Personal checkbox.

Access Request Form Login to Argos!

4. Accessing Data With Argos

You have two options when it comes to running Argos: A Webviewer and an Application. What version should I use?

Try the Argos Web Viewer if you will access Argos once, or occasionally. All EWU employees have access at this level. However, you will not be able to save dashboard settings, and can only view reports already written without the ability to edit or customize them as you would using the Argos Application.

The Argos Application will install the full version on your computer. The Argos Application is not supported on Mac. You will need to use the Web Viewer.

Access Request Form Login to Argos!

5. Testing Your Access and Permissions

Once you have been notified your database access has been granted, click the Check Permissions button. This will take you directly the Web Viewer version of the Check Your Access to Student Info datablock. You will land with the dashboard open. Click on each of the four buttons on the left to see a Yes or No response regarding your current permissions. If you do not have correct access, you will need to fill out the ODS permissions request form again.

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