Lending Library

The Eastern Washington Area Health Education Center has developed a lending library of different kits, experiments, and curriculum that you can borrow for free!

EWAHEC will ship the loaned items to your school, and provide you with a pre-paid label to ship them back.  Items available to be borrowed are listed below.  Please call us to find out if the item you want is available.

The ACLS Training Center hosts a Study Guide to the Systems of the Body, which has a large array of interactive and hands-on curriculum.

Curriculum Kits

Simulating Urinalysis Lab Activity

Simulating Urinalysis Lab Activity


In this lab, students will be testing simulated urine samples for pH, sugar, and protein and will then observe the samples through a microscope for further analysis. The students will be provided with four different case studies and simulated urine for each patient. The students will then perform a urinalysis on each sample. The students’ understanding of these exercises will allow them to learn the basics of urinalysis and how it is used to diagnose medical problems.

This kit is designed for a class of 30 students working in groups of 3

EWAHEC has 2 of these kits

Target age group

6th through 12th grade

Materials included: 4 simulated urine samples, 1 Vial pH strips, pH charts, Benedict’s Solution, Biuret Solution, 60 graduated plastic pipets, 40 medicine cups, 1 package of microscope slides, 1 package coverslips, 1 urine specimen microscope slide

Materials not included: test tubes, test tube holders, 400 mL beakers, hot plate, heat protective gloves, compound microscope, water

Immune Response: Antigen/Antibody Reactions Lab Activity

Immune response Lab Activity


In this lab activity, students determine which of four possible donors could safely donate blood to a patient, then develop a case history of a mother and her children to determine the safety of her pregnancy, all using WARD’S Simulated Blood. In the process, students learn to identify antigen/antibody reactions, and how those reactions affect the body’s immune response, as well as the basics of ABO and Rh blood typing.

This kit is designed for a class of 24-36 students working in groups of 2-3

EWAHEC has 2 of these kits

Target age group

6th through 12th grade

Materials included: 1 vial WARD’S simulated blood sample 1, 1 vial WARD’S simulated blood sample 2, 1 vial WARD’S simulated blood sample 3, 1 vial WARD’S simulated blood sample 4, 1 vial WARD’S Anti-A serum, 1 vial WARD’s Anti-B serum, 1 vial WARD’S Anti-Rh serum, 48 blood typing slides, toothpicks.

Simulated Blood Transfusion Matching Lab Activity

Simulated Blood Transfusion Lab Activity

This kit is designed for a class of 30 students working in groups of 3

EWAHEC has 2 of these kits

Target age group

6th through 12th frade

Materials included: 1 bottle WARDS simulated blood recipient, type B, 1 bottle WARD’S simulated blood Mr. Smith, Type A, 1 bottle WARD’S simulated blood Mr. Jones, type B, 1 bottle WARD’S simulated blood Mr. Green, Type AB, 1 bottle WARD’S simulated blood Ms. Brown, Type O, 1 bottle simulated Anti-A typing serum, 1 bottle simulated Anti-B typing serum, 1 bottle simulated recipient serum 36 blood typing slides, 1 package toothpicks, 30 microcentrifuge tubes.

Sense of Hearing kit
Sense of Hearing Lab Activity

Over the course of 10 activities, students analyze their own hearing while studying the physiology of human hearing and the physics of sound. Students perform a series of tests to explore and assess numerous aspects of hearing, including bone conduction, auditory acuity, and sound localization. In addition to analyzing their own hearing, students also study the properties of sound waves. The Student Guide provides additional information and pre- and post-lab assessments.

This kit is designed for a class of 30 students working in groups of 3 and rotating through 10 different activities.

Target age group
6th thru 12th grade

Materials included
Teacher's manual and reproducible student guide, plastic spring, clicker, pepper packets, tuning forks 128Hz - 4096Hz, 3 metric rulers, meter stick, stopwatch or timer, (2) 600-mL beakers, plastic wrap, rubber bands

Visual Perception Kit
Visual Lab Activity

The Visual Perception Kit is designed to increase students' understanding of the basic physiology of human vision. Students perform a series of tests to explore and assess many characteristics of human visual perception, including visual acuity, depth perception, peripheral vision, astigmatism, accommodation, the blind spot, afterimages, and illusions. Pre-lab activities, handouts, and a poster help to introduce important concepts, and Student Data Sheets provide a record of student activities and additional assessment and review questions.

This kit is designed for a class of 30 students working in groups of three.

Target age group
5th thru 12th grade

Materials Included
Teacher's manual with photocopy masters, 2-Snellen eye examination charts, astigmatism test chart, Holmgren-type color vision test, Carolina depth perception tester, 4-metric rulers, 40-peripheral vision test cards, red transparent vinyl, green transparent vinyl, deck of illusions cards, colored pencils, index cards, black marker

Kidney Filtration Simulation Kit

Kidney Filtration Simulation

Students learn important aspects of excretion and water balance as they model the function of the kidney. Students may extend or demonstrate their learning by modifying their models to simulate disease.

This kit is designed for a class of 30 students working in 15 pairs.

Materials Included
Teacher's manual and reproducible Student Guide, red, white, purple, green, and yellow beads, 15-green spoons, 15-purple spoons, 15-white spoons, 15-plastic cups with lids, 30-plastic cylinders, mesh tubing

Sugar Shockers

Sugar Shockers Lab Activity

Students learn about the amount of sugar in foods through activities like Portion Distortion, How Sweet it Is, and Hidden Sugars.

Materials Included
Curriculum for a class of 30; 3 food scales; 3 measuring cups; measuring spoons; weigh boats. You must provide 2 boxes of cereal.

Hungry, Hungry Hippos: A lesson in Occupational Therapy

Hungry Hippos Lab Activity

Students learn about Occupational Therapy as a career and how treatment can be fun!

Materials Included
4 belly boards, 4 baskets, 1 bag of balls; lesson.

Backyard Brains

Backyard Brains Lab Activity

This is a packaged curriculum in Neuroscience.

Foam and Dome: A lesson in Physical Therapy

Balance Pad Lab Activity  Balance Cushion Lab Activity

Students learn about the impact of sight on balance.

Materials Included
3 balance pads, 3 balance cushions, visual impairment dome, blind folds; curriculum.

In-a-Box Curriculum

In-a-Box is a traveling resource designed to enhance your science and health curriculum. It's all-inclusive lesson plans and activities around specific themes give teachers, presenters, group leaders, and others working with children in grades 4-8 in the State of Washington the opportunity to use the curriculum absolutely free!  Use these self-contained "Exploration in Science & Health" kits to discover aspects of scientific careers, the body, and the environment.  Boxes include:

Bones and Muscles In-a-Box

Muscles and Bones Lab Activity

Ear In-a-Box

Ear in a Box Lab Activity

Eye In-a-Box

Eye in a Box Lab Activity

Guts In-a-Box

Guts Lab Activity

Mouth In-a-Box

Mouth in a Box Lab Activity

Target Age Group
4th through 8th grade

Contact us to borrow a box.  It is completely free, we pay shipping to you and will provide a label for free return shipping!

FOSS K-6 Second Edition Human Body Complete Kit

The Human Body module consists of four sequential investigations that engage students in thoughtful activities about the form and function of a most remarkable machine, their own body.

Target Age Group
3rd through 4th grade

FOSS K-6 Second Edition Living Systems Complete Kit

Students use investigations, readings, and videos to study the circulatory, respiratory, digestive, and excretory systems in humans and the vascular system in plants. They conduct and analyze controlled experiments related to these systems and to the production of food by plants.

This kit is designed for 2 class of 32 students each

Target Age Group
Kindergarten through 6th grade

Materials Included
Teacher Guide, Teacher Preparation Video, 32 hardcover Science Resources books, and Equipment Kit


On Being a Pharmacist True Stories
On Being a Pharmacist: True Stories by Pharmacists - Joanna Maudlin Pangilinan & J. Aubrey Waddell
On Being a Pharmacist: True Stories by Pharmacists focuses on the humanistic side of pharmacy practice. In this compilation of stories, essays, and vignettes, pharmacists present recollections of encounters with patients, colleagues, pharmacy teachers, and other health professionals that had a great effect on their life or practice, and they share their humorous experiences in pharmacy practice.

Top 100 Health Care Careers Book Cover
Top 100 Health-care Careers - Dr. Saul Wischnitzer and Edith Wischnitzer
A career guidance manual, including how to choose the health-care career that is best for you, how to get the required education, and how to relate to patients. It contains a detailed overview of 100 jobs, including scope, activities, educational requirements, salary range, advancement, certification, and outlook, and a directory of education and training programs for each of the 100 featured careers--thousands of programs in all 50 states and Canada. Plus, there's a self-assessment for choosing the right career in the field, guidance on the common admissions tests for health-care programs, information on financial aid, and complete job search tips, including sample resumes and cover letters.

Let's Meet a Dentist
Let's Meet a Dentist - Bridget Heos 

Have you ever had a toothache? Or gotten your teeth cleaned? Dr. Florez could help you out! She's a dentist, and today she has an office full of curious visitors. They try out her dentist's chair and look at X-rays of teeth. They also learn how she helps patients keep their teeth clean and healthy. Hooray for dentists!

A Day in the Life of a Doctor
A Day in the Life of a Doctor - Heather Adamson
Follows a doctor through a typical day, discussing examining patients, helpful co-workers, tools and equipment, and emergency care.

Let's Meet a Doctor
Let's Meet a Doctor - Bridget Heos
What does a doctor do? These kids have a few ideas. But to learn more, they talk to Dr. Zambil. He tells them how he helps sick or hurt kids feel better. He sees healthy kids to help keep them healthy. He even helps train new doctors. Let's hear it for doctors!

101 Careers in Public Health
101 Careers in Public Health - Beth Seltzer

What sort of training do you need to work in public health? What kinds of jobs are out there right now? And what exactly is an epidemiologist, anyway? Answering these questions and more, this career guide provides an overview of the numerous options in public health and the many different roads to get there. Whether you're a student who wants to launch a career or a professional looking to change careers, this guide offers an easy introduction to the field. It details the training, salary ranges, and degree requirements for each job, and alerts readers to alternative pathways beyond the traditional MPH.

Magic School Bus presents the Human Body
The Magic School Bus Presents the Human Body - Joanna Cole

INSIDE THE HUMAN BODY taught thousands of kids about the incredible systems that work together to make the human body function. what makes us who we are. MAGIC SCHOOL BUS PRESENTS THE HUMAN BODY will expand upon the original title with fresh, updated Common Core-aligned content about our amazing bodies. With vivid full-color photographs on each page and illustrations of the beloved Ms. Frizzle and her students, the Magic School Bus Presents series will enthrall a whole new generation of Magic School Bus readers.

First Human Body Encyclopedia
First Human Body Encyclopedia
Young readers are introduced to the wonders of the human body in this reference that takes them inside to see how things fit and work together. This exciting book is packed with fascinating facts that make basic anatomy accessible and fun. Full color.

Splat the Cat Book Cover
Splat the Cat Goes to the Doctor - Rob Scotton

Splat the Cat can’t wait to go to the doctor for a checkup! That is, until his friends start talking about all the scary things a doctor’s visit can mean. But Splat conquers his fear of the doctor’s office and learns it isn’t so bad after all—especially when you get a surprise at the end! Young readers will delight as they watch all the funny ways their favorite furry friend tries to avoid getting a checkup in this hilarious Splat the Cat storybook, complete with a sheet of stickers.

Head to Toe ScienceHead to Toe Science - Jim Wiese
Untangle the Mystery of Human Hair! Listen to a Heart Throb! Sniff Out Why Stinky Feet Stink! How much air do your lungs hold? How are your bones like a roll of toilet paper? Where does all your old dead skin go? How can you figure out how tall a person is from the size of his or her feet? You ll find out the answers in Head to Toe Science. More than 40 fun, easy-to-do activities using ordinary products found around your house let you discover the wonders of your body from top to bottom, inside and out your brain, your bones, your digestive, circulatory, and nervous systems, and much more!

Human Body Book CoverSkills for Success Human Body - Sue Carothers and Elizabeth Henke
Learning about the human body is fascinating! This captivating text includes diagrams of each body system and organs for students to label and color, crossword puzzles, word searches, analogies, and more! Each lesson teaches new vocabulary to reinforce the understanding of key concepts. Each book also supports NSE standards and includes an answer key.

Hear Your Heart Book CoverHear your Heart - Paul Showers
Night and day, whether you're asleep or awake, your heart is always beating. Read and find out how your heart works and how to keep it healthy.


Health Science Careers DVD

Bill Nye the Science Guy DVD

You Can Be Me Book Cover

Bill Nye Safety Smart Science DVD

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