Intern Journals

phope3Victoria Tochinksaya
CHAS Deer Park Clinic – Deer Park, WA
Today, I worked in dental and shadowed a dental assistant. I was able to see a double crown prep for the upper two front teeth. As always, the patient’s mouth was first numbed, and then the dentist trimmed the two teeth in order to make sure the crowns would fit properly. The assistant shaved, trimmed, and polished the crowns for a perfect fit. This was an interesting processing I had never seen before. Finally, I had the opportunity to speak with two hygienists. They said that if you are looking for a job that will allow you to spend a lot of time with your family, being a hygienist would be a good choice. Overall, my day went well!

Sonia Yimam
CHAS Maple Street Clinic – Spokane, WA
This was one of my favorite days of the week! I was shadowing a MA today in primary care. I saw her give shots, and separate blood cells. I even got to help out a little. I really see myself doing this. This job won’t get boring because you get to see different patients each day and they all have different reasons of coming to the hospital.

Kyleen Alvarez
Columbia Basin Health Association – Othello, WA
Today I got the chance to go to radiology and see a couple ultrasounds. In these ultrasounds, I observed the radiology tech take baby pictures of the face and record the heartbeats. My supervisor told me that getting pictures of a baby’s face when the baby’s hands are covering their face is very frustrating. I thought it was cool that when the baby was covering it’s face, the tech would move to the baby’s feet as if it was tickling the baby’s feet and sometimes the baby would move their hands down because they would feel something on their feet. Getting to see some ultrasounds was by far my favorite experience of the internship. I was very inspired and now I think I will continue my education in ultrasound J

Maria Vargas
Grandview Clinic – Prosser, WA
Today was my last view at Grandview Clinic and the last day of my internship. It is a bittersweet feeling because I really enjoyed the experience. Doing this internship was an eye opening experience because I got to see different positions in the medical field. For my last day, I followed a MA. We did not sit much at all which was good because I was kept busy. We got a patient who was over 80 years old and very sweet. I love working with people and seeing people going to the doctor and getting help for their health makes me happy. I really hope to pursue a career in the medical field in the future.

sonia 1

Sonia Osorio
Samaritan Hospital – Moses Lake, WA
Today I was placed with a nurse that was great because she loved explaining everything to me! I saw a lot of blood transfusions and also how nurses clean IVs. It was very busy checking patients, charting, and giving medicine but I loved it! I helped the nurse interpret for 2 patients. Every day I learn more and more! I will miss shadowing in the hospital and I cannot wait to become a nurse!

Jennifer Mendoza
Othello Community Hospital – Othello, WA
I was assigned to the nurses station today. We measured doses of medicine which were going to be given to patients. We monitored the heart rate of a baby so he found finally go home. We talked to a lot of people in the span of 4 hours which was nice because I love meeting new people! There were many people who were culturally different but in a way that all meshed perfectly and helped each other out. I realized you need lots of patience and compassion because you see a lot of things you don’t want to but have to deal with in healthcare.

Jennifer Dominguez
Othello Community Hospital – Othello, WA
Today was a very exciting day for me with EMS! The lady that I was shadowing had me do a lot of hands on things like check her blood pressure, heart rate, and respiratory rate. In addition, I practiced doing CPR on a baby doll. The most exciting part of the day was when they got a call and I was allowed to ride in the ambulance with them. There was a terrible train and semi-truck accident and I was able to watch the procedures they do. I was filled with adrenaline and learned a lot by observing them.

Yesterday I shadowed Stan in the respiratory therapy department. I learned a lot about the different things that affect people’s breathing and what we can do about it. I learned to put a tube into a person’s throat to be able to breathe. I was able to practice this technique on a doll. Stan told me lots of stories about his experience in healthcare that was made me think a lot about my plans to become a pediatric nurse.

Jordan Hughes
Confluence Health Clinic – Tonasket, WA
Today I spent all day in the clinics lab, and observed Corie the lab tech at the clinic. Again it was a busy day for the employee so I never felt like I was just sitting there. There was a lot of science involved today. It felt a lot like AP Biology! I got to look at the blood, urine, and stool samples under the microscope. This day gave me great insight on what a day in the lab is like and showed me that I definitely want to become a lab tech! It helped that Corie went to the same college I plan on attending so she was a great resource for college questions also. Overall today was a great day and I learned tons!

Yasmin Labra-Bahena
Columbia Basin Health Association – Othello, WA
Today I was with the nursing team. I was able to be in the room interpreting for a young couple who had just found out they were going to be parents. I was able to see the happiness on their faces and big smiles when they saw the first ultrasound of their baby as well as when hearing the baby’s heartbeat. Right after this patient we received another patient who came in with really bad pain in her lower belly area to the point that she was in tears. That was when I noticed that while someone is having an enjoyable experience in the hospital, others may be going through something very difficult.

Katy Robles,
Walla Walla Clinic – Walla Walla, WA
Today was my last day sadly. I learned about what causes ear infections which was something that I also could use at home and teach my parents because my mom was having something similar to the patient. Lessons like that make me happy that I can apply what I learn to a good use to help my parents out a little more. Overall this experience was amazing. I learned so much, not just about the departments I shadowed but about my future and goals in life. I have decided to take SEATECH nursing classes in my junior year of high school then go to WWCC to take nursing classes and become a RN. I really enjoyed what they did and I know I would enjoy being on my feet, getting things prepared for the doctor. I really am thankful for this wonderful opportunity that I received in this short amount of time and the valuable education I was taught by two wonderful doctors as well as their nurses.