Primary Care Needs Assessment

The Eastern Washington Area Health Center is proud to share information about the 2021 Washington State Primary Care Needs Assessment (PCNA). This amazing document was created by the Area Health Education Center for Western Washington (AHECWW)  and the Washington Healthcare Access Alliance.

This report provides an overview of primary care capacity in Washington and identifies priorities for programming and legislation. An advisory committee of diverse area experts was consulted in regard to structure, content, and sources. Data included were collected from a wide range of public, private, and for-profit and nonprofit partners in the fields of healthcare, economics, education, and social services.

The full report is available here.

Two sections are also available as excerpts:

Special Populations highlighting communities that experience health disparities, and

Workforce Development Solutions focusing on healthcare workforce challenges and promising programs.

PCNA development was supported by the Washington State Department of Health Primary Care Office.