Will help approvers review a department, scheduling unit, or college's proposed schedule for a term. These tools are intended to guide approvers in making decisions on whether to approve a section change.


Heat maps provide a visual representation of the number of sections in a scheduled week.  Deepening shades of red represent the number of sessions scheduled for a specific time slot. The heat map can be used from the instance, scheduling unit, or offering screens when the Visualize indicator or flame icon is present. Hovering over the heat map will reveal the number of offerings for that time. Clicking within the heat map will reveal a detailed description of offerings during that time.

Heat Map tool in CLSS


Filtering provides users the ability to refine searching for data within their program, department, scheduling unit, or college. This can be used to find sections not following a college rule or checking whether a set of sections have the appropriate data. Find more information on how to Filter.

Filter options


The Framer provides a view of sections by instance. Historical data can be viewed in the Framer based on the information provided by Banner/EagleNET. The back button (see circled arrow) can be clicked to show historical data.

CLSS Framer tool in Detail view