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About the Skagit County Population Health Trust

Data is the foundation of good decisions, but how did we arrive here? The Population Health Trust was created in 2015 to serve as a leadership team that would assess the health of the community and develop a plan to improve health. Appointed by the Skagit County Board of Health, the Trust serves as a Health Advisory Committee which identifies local health priorities and recommendations for improving health.

In partnership with Skagit County Public Health, the Trust is the voice of the community to build capacity that transcends the limitations of existing silos of services. The Trust is leading the community in broadening our view of health, looking at the 'whole' person and the 'whole' community. This is a cultural shift needed to build a comprehensive, coordinated, and effective health system in Skagit County.

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In 2015, the Board of Health determined, "there is an urgent need for a coordinated approach with healthcare providers, jurisdictions and advocates of community health to develop a county-wide plan that identifies strategies to meet population health needs." Under advisement of the expert leadership team that makes up the Trust, the Board of Health utilizes these recommendations to strengthen public awareness about wellbeing and to build partnerships that mobilize people to work together toward a healthy and sustainable future. The Board of Health's role is to provide governance and accountability to ensure progress toward achieving our mission of "improved health for ALL."

Our mission is a call to action to shift the status quo, provide hope and inspire action. The Trust was established following five years of community conversations about collective action. Assuring the public has access to this vital data dashboard will create opportunities for others to join in the conversation, take action and improve the health of people in Skagit County.

The work of the Trust follows the Robert Wood Johnson County Health Rankings approach to improving health. The Trust is also guided by a Health Action Framework focused on:

  • Making health a shared value
  • Fostering cross-sector collaboration to improve well-being
  • Creating healthier more equitable communities
  • Strengthening integration of health services and systems

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