General Education Assessment Steering Committee (GEASC)

The General Education Assessment Steering Committee (GEASC) was formed in 2018 to plan, coordinate, and oversee faculty assessment of the GE curriculum. GEASC is a Faculty Organization committee that is a joint sub-committee of the Academic Programs Assessment Committee (APAC) and General Education Committee (GEC).

The members who comprise GEASC are the GEC Chair, Director of GE, GE Outcomes Faculty Fellows, Faculty Chair of APAC, Dean of University College (ex officio), and Director of Assessment and Accreditation (ex officio).

Members: 2017-18

Ann LeBarGE Outcomes Faculty Fellow
Chad PritchardFYE Director
Emily Messina, Co-chairAPAC Faculty Co-Chair
Jill Kern, Co-chair (ex officio)Dir., Assessment & Accreditation
Kevin PirchGE Director
Krisztian MagoriGEC Chair
Lynn Briggs (ex officio)University College Dean
Natalia Ruiz-RubioGE Outcomes Faculty Fellow