Examples of sexual misconduct include sexual harassment, stalking, intimate partner violence, non-consensual sex and gender discrimination.

Additional Information:

If you believe you have experienced any form of sexual misconduct, you have the option to report with the police (criminal prosecution) or with the Title IX Coordinator (conduct complaint). EWU has an obligation to respond promptly to reported incidents of sexual misconduct and offer an impartial and equitable process for the involved parties (complainants and respondents).

EWU has a Student Care Team designated to offer support to either complainants or respondents during the process. The support includes connecting you with confidential resources, assisting with academic or housing modifications, interim measures such as a no contact directive, or overall support.

EWU also encourages complainants or respondents to utilize the various resources on campus for additional support such as but not limited to: Pride Center, Multicultural Center, Veterans Center, Office of Diversity and Inclusion, Health and Wellness and Women’s and Gender Education (WAGE).

EWU has a sexual misconduct website to help you understand the process, know your reporting options, know your rights, connect you with resources, learn more about sexual misconduct or attend an upcoming training event.

Lastly, EWU wants to partner with everyone to help keep the campus community safe through bystander intervention. If you see something wrong say something. As a bystander remember you can be Direct and ask someone to stop from potentially doing something wrong, you can Distract someone from potentially doing something wrong by creating a distraction or you can Delegate by asking someone to help you stop someone from potentially doing something wrong.

For More Information: https://sites.ewu.edu/titleix/