Enrollment forms for participation in the 'Twelve Month Pay Option Plan' must be received by Human Resources no later August 5.

Additional Information:

This is a reminder that if you are a tenured faculty, tenure track faculty or senior lecturer, and wish to participate in the Twelve Month Pay Program, enrollment forms must be received by Human Resources no later than the first Monday in August. This year that date is August 5. If you are currently enrolled in the program and wish to continue, no action is necessary.

Once enrolled in the plan, participation continues for future academic years until the participant timely elects to withdraw or terminates employment. If a participant would like to withdraw from the plan, he or she must submit a withdrawal form by the election deadline to the Human Resources Office.

Access to Twelve Month Pay Enrollment/Withdrawal forms, as well as the Plan Summary and Frequently Asked Questions, are located on the Human Resources website located at the link below.

For More Information: https://inside.ewu.edu/hr/faculty-resources/