Funding available for promising and high quality faculty, staff and student projects that promote diversity and inclusion at EWU.

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The Diversity Initiative seeks to engage members of the EWU community in meaningful dialogue and activities intended to build a stronger community that is inclusive, respectful and supportive of all of its members; a community that celebrates its diversity and its unity; a community that expects honesty; and that provides an environment for safe interaction among its members.

Please click on the following link for guidelines and application process:

Board of Trustees Diversity Initiative Grant

Faculty, staff and students at Eastern Washington University are eligible to apply for funding.  Faculty must obtain signature from the Dean, and Staff must obtain a signature from the Director, Associate VP or the VP of their unit. Students are required to have their respective department Dean, Chair or AESWU Diversity Outreach Representative sign as the approving authority. Student applicants must be affiliated with a campus department or club or ASEWU.

These funds are all state funds and must be expensed according to university and state policies.

Proposals will be accepted for the following categories (please refer to Attachment A for a further explanation of these categories found at the website above):

  • Curriculum
  • Student Recruitment/Retention
  • Campus Climate

Proposed projects must also respond to one or more of the following Board of Trustees’ Diversity priorities:

  • Represent a collaborative and/or interdisciplinary endeavor that involves two or more departments, programs, groups, etc.;
  • Align with the EWU Mission, EWU Strategic Plan, EWU Diversity Plan and/or the EWU Board of Trustees’ Diversity Initiative Plan;
  • Encourage a long-term commitment to dramatic, integrative, positive, and lasting change;
  • Extend, enhance, and/or apply our understanding of EWU-based underrepresented campus constituencies (including, but not limited to, research on ethnicity, race, diverse language groups, sexual orientation, gender identity/expression, mental or physical abilities, and first-generation college students); and/or
  • Employ an innovative, unique, and/or previously untried approach to realizing Eastern’s potential as a diverse institution.

Deadline: May 30, 2020.  (May 30, 2020, falls on a Saturday.  Since electronic submission is required, this date should not be an issue.)

Questions about the BOT Diversity Initiative Funds or requests for proposal assistance may be directed to Kim Davis, Diversity Initiative Review Committee at