These proposals will remain open for comment until Thursday, Feb. 11.

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Policy Proposals Open for Public Comment

 The following policy proposals are now open for public review and comment on EWU’s policy administration website under “Review Policies in Process.” You may also click on the policy titles below for a direct link. These proposals will remain open for comment until Thursday, Feb. 11. We will also be hosting a forum for people to ask questions and provide feedback at 9 a.m. on Feb. 11.

The Zoom link for this forum is:

(1)    WAC 172-11: Registration

  • New WAC that identifies the permissible tuition waivers EWU has implemented and any limits on those waivers.
  • Indicates permissible tuition waivers do not apply to self-support courses or programs.

(2)    WAC 172-64: Alcohol Policy

  • Adds language specifically prohibiting the unlawful possession, use, consumption, or distribution of alcohol on university property or during a university-sponsored program or activity off campus.
  • Modifies the rules for the consumption of alcohol in university apartments to make the rules consistent with other housing arrangements on campus.
  • Modifies the requirements for possessing, consuming, or serving alcohol at university-sponsored events off campus. All university-sponsored events involving the consumption of alcohol must take place outside of normal university business hours unless permission is obtained in advance from the vice president of business and finance or designee. If an off campus event is hosted at the site of a private vendor, the private vendor is responsible for complying with all laws regarding the sale of alcohol. If the event is held at an employee’s private residence, university employees are prohibited from serving or providing alcohol to university students.

(3)    EWU Policy 203-01: Information Security

  • Adds a chapter about unauthorized disclosures of university data and breach notifications. All employees are required to immediately report any suspected unauthorized disclosures of institutional data or security breaches to the data custodian, Chief Information Officer, and risk management. Outlines the process EWU takes to investigate and report potential breaches/unauthorized disclosures. Notifications will be sent to current and former students’ and current employees’ official university email addresses.

(4)    EWU Policy 403-05: Employee Leave Related to Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault or Stalking

  • Updates definitions and cross-references
  • Adds an option for employees to work with Human Resources directly when requesting leave for domestic violence, sexual assault or stalking.

(5)    EWU Policy 409-04: State and Instructional Employee Tuition Waivers

  • Adds a reference to the new proposed WAC on registration and tuition waivers

Policies Under Review

Finally, the following policies and regulations are currently under review and changes to such policies/regulations may be presented to the Board of Trustees for first read in February and open to public comment thereafter:

  • EWU Policy 204-02: Postings
  • EWU Policy 301-01: Academic Organization
  • EWU Policy 401-03: Background Checks
  • EWU Policy 401-09: Teleworking
  • EWU Policy 402-03: Accommodating Persons with Disabilities
  • EWU Policy 406-01: Exempt Employment
  • EWU Policy 601-02: Suspended Operations (Emergency Closure)
  • EWU Policy 602-02: Immunizations
  • WAC 172-08: Adjudicative Proceedings
  • WAC 172-10: Public Records
  • WAC 172-121: Student Conduct Code
  • WAC 172-123: Scholarships

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Annika Scharosch, J.D.
Assoc. Vice President for Civil Rights, Compliance & Enterprise Risk Management
Title IX Coordinator
Eastern Washington University