These proposals will remain open for comment until Wednesday, May 12, at which time a public forum will be hosted via Zoom.

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The following policy proposals are open for public review and comment on the EWU policy website under “Review Policies in Process.” You may also click on the policy titles below for a direct link. These proposals will remain open for comment until May 12. We will be hosting a forum for people to ask questions and provide feedback on May 12 at 9 a.m.

The Zoom link for this forum is:

(1)    EWU Policy 301-01: Academic Organization

·       Updates the list of colleges and schools to reflect organizational changes approved by the Board of Trustees in June 2020.

(2)    EWU Policy 401-05: Emeritus Faculty

·       Expands eligibility for emeritus status to include associate/assistant professors and special faculty.

·       Updates the process for recommending and awarding tenured and special faculty emeritus status.

(3)    EWU Policy 402-03: Accommodating Persons with Disabilities

·       Specifies that Disability Support Services is responsible for determining what accommodations must be provided to a student. If a faculty member disagrees with an accommodation because they feel like it is an undue hardship or fundamental alteration of an educational program or activity, the faculty member has three instructional days to request review of DSS’ decision. The student also has three instructional days to request review if they believe the accommodation is not adequate.

·       Requests for review are initially handled by the DSS manager and department chair. If they are not able to find an amicable solution within five business days, the matter is escalated to the dean of students or designee and the dean. These two individuals make the final decision about what accommodations must be provided.

(4)    EWU Policy 406-01: Exempt Employment

·       Removes the language requiring exempt employees to pay EWU any compensation they receive for jury duty or serving as a witness.

(5)    EWU Policy 601-02: Suspended Operations (Emergency Closure)

·       New language indicating that operations in the Catalyst Building will be suspended whenever operations on the main campus in Cheney are suspended.

(6)    EWU Policy 602-02: Immunizations

·       Modifies the current MMR requirement for students to require documentation of vaccinations from incoming students rather than all students.

·       Extends the deadline for employees to provide documentation of the required MMR vaccinations to December 31, 2021, rather than June 30, 2020.

(7)    WAC 172-10: Public Records

·       Updates the contact information for the public records officer and corrects a number of outdated website links.

·       Add a section indicating the university may impose costs for the redaction of body camera footage.

(8)    WAC 172-108: Adjudicative Proceedings

·       Adds a new section outlining the process for challenging decisions to revoke, reduce, or not renew student athletes’ financial aid based on athletic abilities.

(9)    WAC 172-121-030 & -200: Student Conduct Code (two sections)

·       Clarifies that parties only have the right to call witnesses for full hearings.

·       Adds new violation sections to identify the standards for holding students responsible for certain types of conduct that may violate a criminal law. This includes driving under the influence of alcohol or marijuana, possession of an open container of alcohol within a vehicle, possession of another person’s personal identification or financial information with the intent to commit a crime, and reckless endangerment.

(10)WAC 172-123: Scholarships

·       Request to repeal as the relevant information is now contained in the regulation on financial aid, scholarships, and waivers.

Policies Under Review

In addition, the following policies are currently under review and changes may be presented to the Board of Trustees for first read in May and open to public comment thereafter:

·       EWU Policy 101-01: University Organization

·       EWU Policy 203-06: Contact Information, Electronic Mail & Texting

·       EWU Policy 204-02: Postings

·       EWU Policy 204-09: Youth Programs

·       EWU Policy 401-09: Teleworking

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