The EWU campus community now has access to the streaming video service: Academic Video Online (AVON).

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For the past several years, the library’s primary option for streaming video was Kanopy, and many faculty used Kanopy videos in their classes. Kanopy is a great service, with a wide variety of videos available. Unfortunately, Kanopy is becoming financially unsustainable for the library due to its pricing model, which requires us to pay a one-year license fee for each video we make available to the EWU community. Recently, when the pandemic forced all instruction online, our Kanopy use increased dramatically—and so did our Kanopy costs—to a financial level the library cannot sustain.

We discovered and implemented an option we can sustain. AVON, a comparable service, charges a flat fee for the year for unlimited viewing of its videos, rather than billing us each time another video needs licensing.

Need streaming video for your upcoming course? Please consider using videos from AVON. We are ready to assist you in getting AVON links and/or embedding codes in Canvas.

While we continue to provide videos through Kanopy, the service is now mediated. The library will continue to review all Kanopy requests. If faculty would like students to view a Kanopy video in class, please submit a request for access via the request form in Kanopy. Faculty, if you have Kanopy videos already built into a Canvas class, please contact your department’s liaison librarian to verify if those videos are still active, or if they are alternatively available in AVON.

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