Looking for 25-50 faculty from all disciplines willing to participate in a pilot course created by Dr. Cindy Nover & Dr. Lindsey Upton.

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Do you consider students with disabilities when designing your courses? What about students with neurodivergence or different learning styles? Learn about how to tailor your in-person or online courses to meet the needs of all learners by enrolling in our Faculty Accessibility Pilot Project.

This 3-module Canvas course introduces faculty to disability laws pertaining to higher education, explains Universal Design for Learning and Assessment and provides resources about how to make your course materials accessible. The pilot was funded by a 2020 BOT Diversity Initiative grant and developed by faculty members Cindy Nover and Lindsey Upton following their certification in Digital Accessibility through the Texas Distance Learning Association. Faculty who sign up to take the course will be enrolled through Canvas and will have until June 14th to complete the 3 modules and corresponding assessment activities, which should take around 2 hours total.

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