With more daylight and added vaccine eligibility, some of us are feeling cautious optimism. But some are still struggling. EAP can help you!

Additional Information:


Whether you are feeling hope and relief or burdens and strife, know that we at EAP are here for you and your families. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us for support, consultation and resources — for yourself and to help those around you.


EAP benefits are free to you and adult family members in your household – why not learn about all that EAP offers? Join us for the upcoming half-hour EAP Orientation on Thursday, April 22, 2021 from 1:30 – 2:00pm. Can’t make it in April? Join us in May, at a future session or watch on-demand.

We also offer on-demand webinars to support you through COVID as well as other topics that support your mental/emotional health and wellbeing. Topics include:


The Employee newsletter (PDF) features statistics and information about sexual assault as well as resources to help all of us: build safer online spaces, recognize possible signs of sexual assault, step in to help prevent sexual assault, and more. In addition, the newsletter offers resources to address Zoom fatigue. (Employee newsletter in downloadable Word format for accessibility).

April’s Supervisor newsletter (PDF) offers a personal perspective on the many unseen impacts of sexual assault, with information and resources to help leaders learn about sexual assault and trauma-informed leadership. (Supervisor newsletter in downloadable Word format for accessibility)

Work/Life Services

Many of us have been struggling financially and would like to pay off our debt, set a realistic budget, improve our credit score, save for a house or retirement and more.

Did you know that you can consult with a financial expert by phone for *free*, through our Employee Assistance Program?  Call 1-888-728-1408 Monday – Friday during regular business hours, or schedule an appointment for Saturday. You’ll be able to discuss your financial situation and make a step-by-step plan to meet your goals.

You can also login to the Work/Life Resources portal using our organization code EWU and

  • Watch the webinar “The Steps to Financial Security” beginning Tuesday, April 20th
  • Navigate to Living > Financial to access financial articles, tip sheets, financial calculators, and other tools.

And, if you’re feeling overwhelmed by financial struggles, or other struggles, don’t hesitate to reach out to the EAP at 1-877-313-4455 or online.