The Africana Studies Program now offers a Diversity and Inclusion Certificate and a Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies.

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The Africana Studies Program previously only offered a minor, but they are growing and are now offering more opportunities for students.

The Major

 The bachelor of arts degree with a focus on Africana studies provides an intellectual arena in which you will learn to critically examine, analyze and interpret the experiences, traditions and dynamics of people of African descent. Proficiency in this field is conductive for graduate study in law, social work, political science, education, psychology, sociology and anthropology; as well as careers in social services, academia, criminal justice, all levels of education, administration, human resources, business, health care and politics.

An ideal choice as a second major, the degree has definite added value. If you are pursuing a BA in any other discipline, you can earn a second major in Africana studies with only 30 extra credits of Africana studies upper-division courses.

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The Certificate

 This certificate program provides various dimensions of cultural competence in relation to principles of diversity and inclusion for the following professionals: undergraduate and graduate students, primary and secondary teachers, social workers, administrators, business professionals, health care workers, law enforcement and criminal justice agencies, non-profit agencies and more.

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