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Academic Planner for Declared Students

Academic Planner is a tool that students can use for long term planning and registration. Students will go through three different steps: 1) Planning, 2) Selecting Times, and 3) Registering.

Step 1: The planning step allows students to add in future terms and courses that they want to take in each term. During this stage, the courses they pick and/or search for are not guaranteed to be offered in the term they assign it to. This step is just planning, and plans can change quarter to quarter based on course availability and time conflicts. On the 10th day of the quarter, students should begin to look at course times (but not actually select the times for their schedule) to see what is actually available for the upcoming term and rearrange the plan as necessary.

Step 2: Selecting times of the courses identified in the planning stage allows students to begin building schedules that they want to take. Students will need to add the course from the planned courses to the schedule. This step should really be done the night before registration or in the early morning before registration on the day the student can register. This timeframe should, ideally, prevent a student from selecting a section of a course that fills up. This step is not registering, but just scheduling times. The system will save the exact schedule for when the student can register.

Step 3: Registering should happen on the morning of registration at 7am. Students just need to go back into the Academic Planner to view the schedule they created and when it is time for them to register, click the blue register button.

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