The nation's only university where campus is officially a wildlife refuge

Illustration of Turnbull Wildlife Refuge Sign

Students who visit campus often say EWU’s campus looks like a park—and it officially is. We’re not talking about EWU’s central campus. That’s just a national historic district (which is also pretty awesome, by the way). Instead, we’re talking about something much, much bigger. About 18,000 acres bigger, in fact.

Turnbull National Wildlife Refuge is about 4 miles from the famous Herculean pillars that mark the edge of campus in Cheney. It’s a beautiful place that’s home to eagles, moose,  ducks, deer, fish, great hiking, amazing snowshoeing, and more.

It’s also home to Eagles with a capital “E”. EWU has an official lab and classroom at the refuge, making EWU the nation’s only college with a campus on a national wildlife refuge.

If you’re on your bike, you can ride to Turnbull in less than 25 minutes (unless you stop to go swimming in Fish Lake). Once at the refuge, you’ll find an EWU classroom, labs, library and more.

As you can imagine, the wildlife refuge is an academic distinction that gives EWU students a research and professional advantage when it comes to jobs, graduate school, and chances to perform meaningful research. In fact, when you explore the biology offices on campus, you’ll find them teeming with samples, slides and data from the refuge.

You can read more about the refuge in DiscoverE magainze, EWU’s magazine about academic research that’s happening all across campus.

Of course, for all the biologists, ecologists, environmentalists, nature lovers, and conservationists, we recommend the in-depth route: apply to EWU and take advantage of EWU’s extraordinary academic programs.

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