Brain (not) at Rest: Olin Anderson’s Circuitous Path to EWU Computer Science

Ten years after starting college as a running start student, Olin Anderson, 28, is ready to graduate with his Masters in Computer Science. He recently took a break from his thesis to share his story, one filled with a passion for knowledge, for challenges, and picking up new skill sets. Growing up in the wheat … Read more

Kolod Aljohani Finds Strength at EWU

Kolod Aljohani is an International Student from Saudi Arabia. She and her husband Tariq Alrefai came to EWU three years ago after he researched midsized colleges with reputable engineering programs. He liked that EWU’s main campus was in a small town as this would keep distractions to a minimum during the week, but with Spokane … Read more

Pinball Hackers

EWU Computer Science students hack vintage pinball machine, win bonus points. Each Fall quarter, energetic Computer Science professor Paul Schimpf shares his love for old pinball games in a course entitled “Embedded Real-Time Control,” aka “Pinball Class.” Using a colorful “early digital” pinball machine called Mata Hara ( from 1978!), STEM students learn the basics … Read more

Web Programmer by Day, Novelist by Night

Burke Fitzpatrick on IT and Creativity Burke Fitzpatrick has embraced the total dedication required to be a creative writer and work a full time day job as a web programmer. His nights are filled by furiously writing the next book in his series of “dark fantasy” novels called The Shedim Rebellion – building his world and … Read more

3 Things All College Students Should Know

We sat down with career expert Robbyn Hoffman to talk college, the real world, and choosing your first career. If you like what you read, you can schedule a meeting with Robbyn or other experts at EWU’s Career Services. #1: Your major isn’t your career. “There is still this kind of idea that your major … Read more