Effective note taking

One thing that students seem to be worried about (I’m a perfect example of this) is note taking. How should I take notes to ensure I understand the material completely? Students want to find the best way to fit our social life and time off around college and work. Although effective work and cutting corners … Read more

Should I take classes at a school that isn't regionally accredited?

Normally we wouldn’t tackle this sometimes prickly question in a public forum, but we’ve been seeing more applications from students who took course credits at schools without regional accreditation. In many of these situations, those credits don’t transfer to EWU. Sometimes students wonder if it’s a for-profit versus nonprofit issue, but it’s actually much more … Read more

Making every tuition dollar count

We just saw this in the Spokesman-Review (the regional paper for the second-largest city in Washington, which is just 15 minutes down the road), and we definitely thought it worth sharing: Demetrius Dennis shopped carefully to find the best college education for the lowest price. “I reviewed the departments, programs offered and cost of tuition,” said … Read more