From Metal Head to Pre-Med

Joel shredding guitar onstage

Not many people have toured the country playing in metal bands to sold out venues and then gone on to study pre-med. Senior Biology major Joel Seier’s path to EWU has been anything but average. For over ten years he played guitar in various rock acts, including touring the country with Memphis May Fire. “Driving around the country, I saw how a lot of people live. It made me feel pretty lucky.”

It took more than luck to land a touring gig as a guitarist for Memphis May Fire, starting with “years of work that didn’t go anywhere,” Seier admits. “But the experience definitely taught me perseverance.”

Joel shredding onstage (Photo courtesy Joel Seier)
Joel Seier shredding onstage (Photo courtesy Joel Seier)

After a year on the road with only small breaks between tours, he became skeptical of life as a touring musician. He moved back to Spokane and kept playing music with local bands, and worked as a barista. And he began taking math and science classes at community college.

“I like to know how things work,” he said. “I’m fascinated by the diversity of biology, from virology to ecology.”

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