What the heck is work study? The skinny on working in college

Applying for work study can be a tricky process. Many incoming students don’t fully understand the difference between work study and on-campus work. Let’s clear up some common myths and dive right into the differences in work experiences for college. Work Study Work study is a federal program where the government pays your college for … Read more

Effective note taking

One thing that students seem to be worried about (I’m a perfect example of this) is note taking. How should I take notes to ensure I understand the material completely? Students want to find the best way to fit our social life and time off around college and work. Although effective work and cutting corners … Read more

Admitted Student Day: The Things You Missed About Admissions

In April, EWU hosted one of the largest admissions events in over 10 years, Admitted Student Day. We filled the two largest auditoriums on campus, nearly filled a third, and an estimated 1,000 people took part in the day-long event. For those students looking to make their college decision, the day provided more than just … Read more

College fit: it's about you

If you’re in the middle of your college search, you probably have one huge question: “Out of all the thousands of colleges in the world, which one is the best fit for me?” Traditionally, our society emphasizes two approaches to answering this question. One is the “true love” approach: there’s one school out there that’s … Read more