Making every tuition dollar count

We just saw this in the Spokesman-Review (the regional paper for the second-largest city in Washington, which is just 15 minutes down the road), and we definitely thought it worth sharing: Demetrius Dennis shopped carefully to find the best college education for the lowest price. “I reviewed the departments, programs offered and cost of tuition,” said … Read more

College fit: it's about you

If you’re in the middle of your college search, you probably have one huge question: “Out of all the thousands of colleges in the world, which one is the best fit for me?” Traditionally, our society emphasizes two approaches to answering this question. One is the “true love” approach: there’s one school out there that’s … Read more

How Facebook affects college admission

Anyone with a Twitter page, Facebook profile or personal blog knows the risks: most of what you post online is visible to anyone with an internet connection. Your friends, your parents, and even your teachers can see your pictures or read about your weekend adventures. Normally what you post online isn’t much of an issue, … Read more