New look, new website

If you’re new to EWU Admissions, carry on as if everything is normal. But if you’ve been to the site before, you’ll notice some big changes.

  1. A new look. We’ve updated colors, fonts and images. (Lots of red! Go Eagles!) The new-look website is also made from 100% real EWU student. Whether you’re looking at the admissions website, an EWU poster in your high school or an EWU admissions piece you picked up at a college fair, every picture is of a real EWU student who volunteered to represent the university this year. That’s school pride, and it’s pretty cool.
  2. New content. You can take advantage of new content especially for transfer students, international students and returning students. We’ve even broken out the freshman student section so that there’s less confusion. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, let us know!
  3. A new way to get around. We’ve explored hundreds of college admissions websites, and most of them have one thing in common: it’s hard to find the information you’re looking for. In fact, they usually have too much information. With the new design, it’s easier for you to get where you’re going by keeping choices simple. It’s even easier on a mobile device, too.

Over the next few weeks, you’ll see new content on a regular basis, and we hope the information helps you see if EWU is the right fit for you.

Thanks for browsing, intrepid college adventurer, and as you plan your future, remember that we’re never more than a click away.

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