Like to shred? Then shred Spokane.

Little known and entirely unexpected fact: Spokane has an intensely vibrant skateboard subculture.

Hop aboard the free bus to downtown Spokane some summer morning and count the designers, shopkeeps and students bombing down the South Hill to grab a coffee or complete a few jumps before the day begins. Even at EWU, the skateboard is a principle mode of transportation. (The “Bike versus Skateboard” count on campus is pretty much even, unless you’re counting wheels, in which case the skateboarders will definitely win.)

This weekend, that vibrant culture is getting even more colorful for the first annual WE RUN THIS CITY: 42 Hour Skateboard Contest. Imagine a 24-hour film festival on wheels, add 18 hours and about a dozen cups of java to get you through two days without sleep, and you’ve got the idea.

Whether you skate or hold the camera, it’s awesome to see the city’s skateboarders come together for creative events like this. If you’re heading to Eastern this fall and you shred, we hope to see your video in the lineup next year.

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