I went to a musical: a little about Heathers

Veronica (Holly) stage dives, actors cheer her on

One of the coolest things about writing a blog is that I’m able to do things that I normally wouldn’t do and call it work. I’m actually pretty sure that I have the best job on campus (don’t tell anyone). One of the cool events I went to that I normally wouldn’t have seen was the musical Heathers, put on by the Theatre Department.

Speaking of parents and kids, I noticed a lot of students brought in their family and friends. I should have done the same! I sat next to people I didn’t know, which was fine, but I’ll definitely invite friends next time.

One thing I learned: reservations are extremely important for EWU plays. I showed up an hour and a half early to the play and there was already a line waiting. Next time I’ll be sure to reserve a few days beforehand.

Jeff Sanders, one of EWU’s theatre teachers, directed the play. I took a Theatre in the Humanities course that he taught ages ago so I was happy to see that he still taught at EWU. Before the play began, he talked a little bit about auditions for the plays this year (The Tempest and Clybourne Park) and who can apply. Any student can apply as part of cast or crew, not just Theatre students.

I haven’t been to a musical in years and I really wasn’t expecting what would happen. For those of you who don’t know, Heathers is a dark comedy and I walked into the musical thinking it would be disgusting. And ya know what? I was glad to know it wasn’t. If I were a parent I might even bring in a high school aged kid to see it.

A little about Heathers

The acting and singing was fantastic.

I could tell that the actors were putting a lot of effort into their characters and singing. I’m surprised at how well the acting and singing turned out and I’m actually a little jealous at how talented the actors were.

One of my favorite moments of the play was when the characters were all having a confession song. Everyone pointed flashlights at the guy just to my right and one of the characters screamed at him. I may have broken down laughing at this point, especially since the guy next to me was so genuinely confused about what was happening to him.

I was astounded at the speed of the transitions and the work that the crew put into the piece. Setup between each scene was faster than any play I’d ever seen. Lighting and sound effects were on point throughout.

Overall I’m very glad I got to see the play, though a little sad that I didn’t bring along friends. Next time around I’ll put some effort into getting friends to come to the play with me.

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