Career Services’ Computing and Engineering Fair crushes it!

STEM students showed up in droves at Career Services Computing and Engineering Fair in Hargreaves Hall Reading Room. The echo of collective networking bounced off the marble walls and created a literal buzz of excitement.

Some students simply passed through, getting a feel for employers and their internship process. Other students dressed for success in business suits and power dresses, and they carried their resumes and portfolios.

Clearly, this event is a big deal–and it's just one of many career fairs on campus each year!


Dozens of regional companies such as Avista, Itron, and Chief Architect represented the all aspects of the tech industry. The event offered EWU students a chance to quickly explore a variety of career and internships opportunities. This time the Technology and Construction major was emphasized.

So who are the companies? One is Itron, a global company utility meter and analytics software company headquartered locally. They have over 500 employees in nearby Liberty Lake. Besides hiring interns, they regularly hire EWU grads full time. In fact both Itron recruiters are EWU alumni.


Even Running start high school students showed up to learn about the many opportunities, too. Running Start student Kayla Lambert is a high school senior. As a future Computer Science major, she came to the Fair to get a look at her future job prospects. Kayla’s favorite company she talked to was Gravity Jack, a software company specializing in the new field of augmented reality marketing, especially for mobile apps. Kayla likes how the technology “incorporates real life.” Their apps let you view products as though it’s actually right in front of you.

ANR Group explained how their staffing company hires over 150 students and connects them to full time paid summer internships with the 300 + contractors at Hanford Nuclear Site. These jobs are valued for their highly technical experience. Sometimes students are offered extended contracts upon graduation. Another benefit of ANR is that interns have the opportunity to try different jobs each summer.


Senior Andrew Decker was certainly impressed with the Fair. Kaiser Aluminum and Kaufman Engineering are two companies that stood out to him. The mechanical engineering major has already benefited from a year round internship at Altek in Liberty Lake where he makes parts for medical, fitness and aerospace.

Most all the companies at the fair hire interns throughout the year and accommodate student schedules, and all were interested in gathering resumes. Some were even scheduling interviews for entry level positions.


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