Geek Out! CSTEM Students Demo Senior Projects

Its like a Maker Fair gone wild. A giant wood wind turbine takes up the south wall. A Gesture-Controlled Vehicle zooms around the floor between peoples legs. David Covillo explains how his team’s wireless Smart Sprinkler Head (which team member Andrew Decker 3-D printed) wastes far less water than conventional sprinklers. As opposed to just … Read more

Brain (not) at Rest: Olin Anderson’s Circuitous Path to EWU Computer Science

Ten years after starting college as a running start student, Olin Anderson, 28, is ready to graduate with his Masters in Computer Science. He recently took a break from his thesis to share his story, one filled with a passion for knowledge, for challenges, and picking up new skill sets. Growing up in the wheat … Read more

19th Annual Creative Works Symposium Shows what EWU can do for You

  EWU undergrads and grad students show off their final projects and give presentations at the 2016 EWU Research and Creative Symposium. It is the culmination of countless hours of research, and critical thinking, data analysis, and presentation design. The event encompasses all majors, from STEM to the Humanities. For a complete list of the … Read more

Kolod Aljohani Finds Strength at EWU

Kolod Aljohani is an International Student from Saudi Arabia. She and her husband Tariq Alrefai came to EWU three years ago after he researched midsized colleges with reputable engineering programs. He liked that EWU’s main campus was in a small town as this would keep distractions to a minimum during the week, but with Spokane … Read more

And You Thought College Was Confusing

“It’s easier if career exploration and development begins during the first year, not the last.” ~ Ryan Weldon Most freshman arrive at college undecided as to what they want to major in, and many mistakenly put off getting their resume together until senior year. EWU Career Advisor Ryan Weldon gets it. “[It’s] a lot for … Read more