A Springtime Photo Tour of Campus

When I visited EWU's campus, it was windy and rainy and the middle of winter. I wan't even certain students went outside if they didn't have to. I should have visited in the spring.


After being cooped up indoors during the winter, campus comes alive once the snow melts. Students take advantage of the awesome weather to get some fresh air and enjoy the fact that EWU has four real seasons.


Students work on homework between classes or sit in the sun to energize themselves for the rest of their day. Taking a break and getting some good Vitamin D helps refresh and rejuvenate the mind and body.


Some students participate in slack lining. A slack line is tied a foot or so above the ground between two trees and students tight rope over the grass. Plus jumping. And turning. And laughing a lot. No one has to worry about feeling ridiculous if they want to give it a try. It’s like being Tigger: no one judges you for being bouncy.

After classes, some students throw a Frisbee in the large grassy areas around campus. If you’re not into Frisbee, you can try whiffle ball instead. Groups of students get into teams and have a blast outdoors pretty much any time the sun shines.


College campus radiates inspiration. Especially after winter, students want to get outside and change things up a bit. Seeing other students enjoying their college experience definitely helps enhance mine.

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