The EWU Learning Commons: Success is a Group Effort

The Learning Common's promise is to "Provide a collaborative intellectual setting that inspires excellence in learning." And they deliver on this promise. Gone are the days when college students hide away all around campus (though quiet areas to study still abound). EWU's drop-in group-study area is filled with tables and whiteboards, the Multimedia Lab, and … Read more

The Happy Hobbit Houses of Cheney

A cluster of hobbit houses exists in peace and quiet a few minutes away from EWU's busy main campus. Since Bilbo and his kind left for the Shire thirty years, the hobbit houses are filled with Eastern students. Their feet all appear to be normal sizes, and most wear shoes. They are a rather secretive … Read more

The 12 Best Coffee Shops for Studying

At EWU we take our coffee seriously. Coffee shops are the perfect places to gossip with friends, and, if you have time, study. As many will attest, college is made possible thanks to an endless supply of caffeine; that’s no exception at EWU. Great coffee shops abound both on and off campus, in Cheney and … Read more